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Key Team Biographies

A picture of Owen Royce

Owen Royce

Writer, Director, Actor

Owen Royce is a Writer/Director, and he also portrays Richard Nixon in Searchlight. He is an independent filmmaker in the local Twin Cities (Minnesota) market for over a decade. He has several awards under his belt that include best director and best writer. Some of his most recent films include, The Part We Keep, Away We Go, The Moment You Wake, Half Smile, The Wolf, You’re in Trouble" and many more. His goal is to direct and write more engaging stories that explore reality, dreams and the profound experience that is the human consciousness, whether it be through genre films, sci-fi, horror, comedy or films that ground themselves in day-to-day existence we experience. No matter the challenge of the film, his goal is to bring complexity to characters.

A picture of Reyna Rios-Starr

Reyna Rios-Starr


Reyna Rios-Starr is the producer for Searchlight and brought the project to its feet in  collaboration with local passionate artists. Her goal is to continue to produce more  thought provoking stories that speak to diverse audiences . Searchlight is Reyna's first producer credit but since filming ended she has gone to produce several other projects which include; Chapulin, The Part We Keep, and Ave Maria . She's excited to keep  collaborating with filmmakers in Minnesota and beyond.

A picture of Tim Schrader

Tim Schrader

Director of Photography

Tim Schrader is an award-winning Minneapolis based cinematographer with experience in both commercial and narrative filmmaking. Over the years, Tim has worked on music videos, short films, documentaries, and feature films. He is always looking for unique ways to elevate any project he is involved in. His favorite type of stories are those that toe the line between reality and the surreal or magical.

A picture of Nathan Eby

Nathan Eby

Sound Mixer & Composer


A picture of Jay Ness

Jay Ness

Editor & Colorist

Jay Ness is an ADDY award winning filmmaker based in Minneapolis. His work has screened in the United States, Europe, and Canada. Ness has directed numerous narrative films, documentaries, commercials, music videos, etc and has as collaborated on assorted content featured on HBO, Comedy Central, Netflix and Universal Music Group’s Republic & Capitol Records. His feature film debut, Dark Cloud was released theatrically and distributed in 2022.

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