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Richard Nixon invites Jackie Gleason on a midnight ride to see aliens at a Top Secret Florida Airforce Base.

Richard Nixon, Jackie Gleason...the history you never knew."

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Set in the early 1970’s, Richard Nixon, the most guarded president of the United States of his time, manages to sneak away from his security detail to visit an old golfing buddy, Jackie Gleason one fine evening. 

Jackie Gleason renowned actor, musician, ufologist and golfer is starstruck accepts the invitation and sneaks away with Richard Nixon on a leisurely drive to Homestead Airforce Base.

The drive supersedes all their expectations as they both come to realize they are about to experience a moment that will question LIFE for years to come. Nixon, candidly opens up about his experience as the president of the United States and certain luxuries he is afforded as president. Including his personal feelings about being the most guarded president, his ability to play tricks on his security detail, his fascination with messing with the human mind. 

Richard Nixon surprises Jackie by treating him to a once in a life time experience to show him the mangled bodies of what appear to be other earthly beings stuffed in a coke cooler. This experience is finely engrained in Jackie Gleason mind, leaving him wondering if what he saw was true or if it was president Richard Nixon messing with his mind the moment he showed up at his home.

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